Port Chester Cares is a group of individuals, invested in the community, working together in the area of the Port Chester School District to promote positive, safe, productive and healthy lives for all. We achieve this through research, education, and advocacy and by focusing our resources to reduce youth substance abuse and other high risk behavior and promote positive outcomes.


Port Chester Cares

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Port Chester Cares – For a Healthy, Caring & Thriving Community      

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Our Committees

Our committees are what make us tick; our events and best planning happens with the input of  the  diverse individuals who bring their experience and opinions to the table. Joining a committee is a great consideration for the dedicated parent or community member. Not only do you get to have a more active role in shaping local policy, but you also get to be a part of a larger commitment to valuing a healthy and thriving environment for yourself, your neighbors, your friends – and your future.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for building and sustaining a healthy and effective coalition board by ensuring the organizational structure, establishing communication, and reporting protocols, by-laws and operating procedures. They are also responsible for coordinating team building and recognition activities.

Community Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee maintains contact with key leaders in Port Chester. They also identify outreach opportunities available to educate the community about Port Chester Cares. They cultivate opportunities for soliciting input, promoting the benefits, and announcing outcomes and efforts of the coalition. The Outreach Committee explores options to work with the media and other community constituents.

Community Profile Committee

The Community Profile Committee is responsible for collecting risk and protective factor data for analysis and then analyzing that data to identify the priorities in Port Chester. They present and facilitate that information to the rest of the coalition and community. The Community Profile Committee also takes an inventory and assessment of existing resources addressing the community’s identified priorities. They then take it to the next level by identifying the gaps in the current response to priorities in preparation for upcoming initiatives.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the committee chairs, co- chairs, and coalition leadership. The Executive Committee provides oversight and accountability for the coalition. Although the Executive Committee ultimately sets the agenda for the coalition board, action is not usually taken without the board of coalition’s approval.

Youth Committee

The Youth Committee is primarily responsible for recruiting and engaging youth. The committee is made up of youth who act as advisers to the coalition. They help the coalition identify diverse roles for young people and help to identify necessary skills, training, and appropriate recognition for youth.

Adolescent Health Task Force

The Adolescent Health Task Force is responsible for creating youth-based programs.  The committee has been responsible for Family University, an event that provides education for both parents and children on making healthy decisions since 2011.