Port Chester Cares is a group of individuals, invested in the community, working together in the area of the Port Chester School District to promote positive, safe, productive and healthy lives for all. We achieve this through research, education, and advocacy and by focusing our resources to reduce youth substance abuse and other high risk behavior and promote positive outcomes.


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Growing for our community!

The goal of Weber Community Garden is to provide gardening space and equipment for local Housing Authority residents by providing 15 raised beds on Housing Authority property. These beds will be maintained by the resident families who have signed up to participate. This will enable the residents to grow their own organic vegetables, herbs and flowers, thus supplementing their food supplies. According to the study “Hunger in the Town of Rye”, 11%-13% of the residents are hungry every day. 85%-90% of these residents live in the Village of Port Chester. Since the residents in the housing authority are among the poorest citizens, their need for healthy food they can provide for themselves is all the more important.

The Needs:

Healthy food supply – access to affordable, locally grow, sustainable food supplies is limited for residents in Housing Authority properties.

Gardening skills – residents have expressed a desire to learn how to garden and the project will provide free workshops for residents.

Weber Community Garden – Site Map

Weber Community Garden will be located in Weber Drive, which is on the Port Chester Housing Authority property.  Weber Community Garden will have approximately 2,000 square feet and will have 15 raised beds including 6 universal beds, which will be attended by the housing residents from Weber Drive, Purdy Avenue, and Traverse Avenue.

Community Partners

• Allstate

• AmeriCorps

• Carver Center

• Clay Art Center

• Community landscapers

• Council of Community Services

• Don Bosco Workers, Inc.

• Greenwich Hospital

• Home Depot

• Houses of Worship

• Hudson Health Plan

• Local supermarkets, bodegas, and convenience stores

• Merrill Lynch


• New York Life

• PC/RB Boy Scout Troop 6 & 400

• PC/RB Girls Scouts

• Rotary Club

• School district

• The Port Chester Latino Network

• The Salvation Army

• Unity Day Committee

• Whole Foods